A selection of things I’ve developed.

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FaceCam - Funny camera app for Windows and Ubuntu

  • Description: A camera desktop application with funny face decorations and filters.
  • Languages: C++.
  • Technologies: Qt, OpenCV, face detection and alignment algorithms
  • Github:

eStoreManager (group project at University)

I worked on the desktop application (using Electron) of this project.

  • Description: Store Management Desktop App which you can use to create bills (cashier), manage bills, customers, suppliers, finance, employees of the store.
  • Languages: Desktop App: Javascript, HTML CSS; Server: Java
  • Technologies: Desktop App: Electron; Server: Java Spring Boot
  • Github:
  • Demo (Youtube video): eStoreManager

BTree dictionary (group project at University)


Battle Ship (group project at University)

  • Description: Online BattleShip game using ReactJS for frontend, Flask for backend and Websocket for realtime communication. We also implemented a chatting system and friend list. I worked mostly on frontend part (ReactJS).
  • Link:

SUPERCAR - ROS Node to control simulation car (group project)

Road segmentation and Traffic sign detection

I worked on the architecture of this project, algorithm to detect road and control car, the second implementation of HOG SVM to detect traffic sign.

  • Description: ROS Node to control simulation car
  • Languages: C++.
  • Technologies: OpenCV, Image processing, Traffic Sign detection using HOG SVM.
  • Github:

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